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Chemical Processing, Water Quality, and Air Monitoring Applications

Metrohm Process Analyzerscan be found in a variety of industries and environments. Their modularity is behind their unique versatility, allowing them to perform Titration, Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Measurements, Colorimetry, Voltammetry and Ion Chromatography with great precision and accuracy.
The application possibilities are endless...

Because the systems are individually configured to meet specific requirements of its owner.  However, with that said, we have produced a number of Application Data Sheets for some of the more common applications.  See our list of common application datasheets.

Find them hard at work in these industries:

Process, Water and Air Applications
Over the years Metrohm Applikon has developed many successful Applications in a variety of industries and environments. Our unique modular build approach is used with the following generic methods: Titration, Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Measurements, Colorimetry, Voltammetry and Ion Chromatography
Process Application Notes (PAN)
We have launched Process Application Notes. They give an overview of the process and application. You can download them and if you have questions feel free to contact us for more details.


Industry Process Application Note
Industrial Water

Monitoring condensate return quality. Total Organic Carbon: indicator of condensate contamination. 

Drinking Water Safeguarding drinking water supplies. Monitoring of water sources for Total Organic Carbon.
Industrial Wastewater Managing runoff from de-icing episodes at airports.
Use of Dual-range Monitoring for Total Carbon.
Wastewater Avoiding pollution events.
Controlling storm water discharges with Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Industrial wastewater Control of industrial Waste Water.
Using Total Organic Carbon (TOC) to monitor process and effluent.
Wastewater Waste Water Treatment Plants: Nitrogen Removal.
Simultaneously analysis of Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite
Metal/Galvanic Steel Industry: Analysis of Acids and Iron in Pickling Baths
Metal/Galvanic Galvanic Industry– Metal Surface Treatment: Aluminium etching/anodizing for analysis of Acids, Bases and Aluminium
Power/Energy/Utilities Cooling water extraction: Using Total Organic Carbon (TOC) to monitor the return to the environment.
Power/Energy/Utilities Power Plant: Analysis of Silica in boiler feed water
Power/Energy/Utilities Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD); incineration process; Analysis of Calcium and Sulfate.
Chemical/Petrochemical Desalting Crude Oil: Analysis of Salt in Crude Oil
Power/Energy/Utilities Nuclear Power Plants: Analysis of Boric Acid in cooling water PWRs
Semiconductor/PCB  Electroless Nickel Plating; Analysis of Nickel ion & Hypophosphite content
Pulp & Paper ABC Titration: Analysis of Alkali, Carbonate, Hydroxide and Sulfide in Pulping Liquors
Mining Zinc Production: Analysis of Zinc, Sulfuric acid and Iron
Sour Water Stripper: Analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia in Sour Water
Chemical/Petrochemical Chlorine Production: Calcium, Magnesium in Brine
Hydrometallurgical Process: Analysis of Free, Total & WAD Cyanide in gold leach slurry & wastewater.
Power/Energy/Utilities Carbon Capture Plants, Power Generation Industry: Measurement of the “rich” and “lean” Amine Concentration and the amount of CO2 captured (CO2 Loading)
Chemical/Petrochemical HPPO process for Propylene oxide (PO): Analysis of peroxide
Viscose / Rayon Production Viscose / Rayon production: Analysis of Sulfuric Acid and Zinc Sulfate
Chemical/Petrochemical Cumene process: Analysis of Sulfuric Acid in Acetone and Phenol
Chemical/Petrochemical Caprolactam Production: Determination of Permanganate Absorption Number (PAN)

 Application Data Sheets

We have produced a number of Application Data Sheets for some of the more common applications. An overview of these Application Data Sheets (ADS) can be downloaded. The possibilities of our analyzers are certainly not limited to the list in this overview. Many other applications are possible, and our team of experts is available to do research on any other analysis problem.
With the Application Questionnaire you can list your requirements, helping us to find the correct solution.


Virtually any industry uses analyzers to monitor process parameters. Metrohm Applikon Analyzers have been successfully implemented in all kind of industries for many years. In more than 30 years of on-line wet-chem analyzers we have automated an incredible range of applications across a wide range of industries like:


•  Chemical/Petrochemical

•  Power/Utility
•  Industrial wastewater •  Pharmaceutical (NIR)
•  Semiconductor/Electronics

•  Metal/Galvanic

•  Mining

•  Automotive/Aerospace

•  Pulp & Paper •  Food & Beverage

Please contact us or your nearest Metrohm Applikon Distributor to request your ADS of interest or applications of not mentioned ions or other ranges.


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