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Titration & Titration Automation

Titration_IconTitration systems provide answers to critical chemical parameters such as acid number, chloride content, and total hardness among thousands of others. Metrohm offers a comprehensive range of stand-alone and automated titration products, featuring our premium quality sensors and backed by unparalleled applications know-how.

Since inventing the first recording pH meter in 1949, we have created a legacy of innovation including digital titration, programmable stand-alone titration, Dosino™ top-down dosing, and more recently, the Optrode™ optical sensor. When a titration is needed, users around the world choose Metrohm over any other titrator.
  • Karl Fischer titration
  • Potentiometric titration
  • Liquid handling solutions 
  • Chemistry automation systems
KF Gas Analyzer

Our newest titrator is a fully automated allrounder for the determination of water content in both permanent and liquefied gases.

Ti-Touch Titrators



The Ti-Touch titrators are some of our smallest and also some of our most powerful!  Featuring fully integrated Metrohm Intelligence, an advanced unitary design and remarkable touch screen.

Potentiometric Titrators

Metrohm titrators for acid, base, redox, chloride, STAT and more. Titration software, reagents, and accessories.

Karl Fischer Titrators

Metrohm volumetric and coulometric titrators, KF ovens, balances, Hydranal reagents, and automation.

Thermometric Titrators

Metrohm thermometric titration instruments, software and accessories.

Conductivity Titrators

Metrohm conductivity titration instruments and accessories.

Titration Automation

Metrohm sample processors for every application from 12 to 141+ samples. Many sample preparation options.

Dosimat & Bottletop Dispensers

 Reliable, accurate liquid handling, diution & dispensing

Titration Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for your Metrohm titrator. Click here to see our selection of parts, electrodes, reagents and standards. 


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