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Metrohm 888 Titrando

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The 888 Titrando, the perfect titrator for any lab needing a powerful titrator on a “modest” budget. The 888 Titrando is the perfect system for analyzing anything from acid number to surfactants!

Enjoy these “advanced” features, typically found on only more higher-end systems:

Multiple modes for all of your analyses: DET dynamic endpoint seeking titrations, MET monotonic fixed increment endpoint seeking titrations, SET fixed ("set") enpoint and MEAS pH measurement modes along with standard addition modes for potentiometric measurement using Ion Selective Electrodes!

Choose your control: Touch Control features easy-to-use instant-access buttons and a large and easy-to-ready screen—titration has never been so easy! Or choose computer control and the 888 Titrando will include tiamo® Light— Metrohm's very own easy-to-use software interface!

Automatic reagent addition. Connect up to 4 dosing units for the aspiration and addition of solvents, standards or auxiliary reagents such as buffer or solubilizers. Because the addition is fully automatic, there is no forgetting to add reagent at critical points of the analysis. The 888 Titrando keeps you safe by reducing your handling of potentially hazardous reagents!

Accuracy-ensured Dosino® reagent dispensing. Our patented “top-down” dosing technology eliminates the build-up of air bubbles that will negatively affect results and reproducibility. Did you also know that it saves valuable bench space? If you’re not familiar with this unique, space-saving technology, read up on Dosino dispensing here.


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